Retail therapy

Ive been pretty good at not spending too much over this quite slow and warm summer so i decided that i deserved a little treat (what really happened was that i lay awake last night, alone since george is away, and feeling a bit low and decided to check out the Outnet…at 2 am. And the rest is history.)

Anyways, i ended up buying some things that will make absolutely no difference to my life but makes me feel a little bit better because pretty things (and yes, i know that is not the way to think and its bad for the planet but sometimes you just need easy and simple and pretty)

Leather tote bag. My old bag from the outnet is quite heavy for the summer months when its filled up with stuff so hoping this will be a good alternative. Plus sexy.

And this dress was just too cute. This, leather jacket, knee high boots and my new tote bag for autumn and i will feel like a million dollars. And, most women know that sometimes you can fight the worst of the bad days but looking great.

Went home after lunch yesterday. Had The Best Sandwich. Sesame bagel with brussel pate and cornichons. Sexy photo as well. You can tell i dated a photographer for 4 years.

You and me W, you and me.

Look, London had gone green again. A couple of days rain and the parks are blooming again. W and me loved it and ran around like kids. Both of us.

Naaaaw. Such a cute little face.

Tonight off to dinner with Ella and Katta and tomorrow we are hitting up Richmond. Doing all the out of London stuff when George is away.

Also planning a work trip to NYC in October. There are two conferences going down and im planning to try and fit them both in. Same week as Danis wedding though so will be globetrotting the shit out of my life.

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