See you later alligator

Hey guys! Its Friday and on Monday morning (5 freaking am) im off to NYC so this might be the last post for a while. In that case toodles, see you on the other side of NYC and Ibiza.

See me rollin’

Trying dresses for Ibiza and one thing with my weight increase (yeah, i like them candies) is that i cant fit any of my dresses around the chest area. Like for real. They are no longer nice dresses for a wedding but booby mcbooby. So yeah, need to work out a dress that wont have the groom spit out his drink when he sees me.

So NYC Monday plan is to find a dress. Wish me luck. And smaller boobs (and om not even preggers yet, not sure where this will end)

Anyways, i had the best lunch shopping yesterday when i found xmas treats for dogs!!

I mean, its totally (not) too early for me but Woolly dont get Christmas, these are just nice treats for him. Im totally cheating the seasons.

Decided to weed our garden. Its gone bonkers since the rains and its growing all over the place.

3 bin bags filled with weeds and me trying to cut the roses and palm tree back. With a kitchen scissor. My hands have like a 100 little wounds now. Im such a last minute solution kind of person.

The last of the summer in our bedroom.

The tomatoes are still going strong. Hopefully i can get at least one more salad out of this crop before ill give up for the winter. And the next year ill actually know a little bit more of what to do and might have even more growing away.

The sky was cotton candy pretty last night and i had that ‘i love my city soooo much’ feeling filling my chest. Because i do, most of the time.

And my little man. Patiently waiting for the train.

Heh, Woolly eating his christmas treat. Love that i can sneak that into my life early.

My face for all the things i need to do before going away. But tonight me and Katta are going to found for a drink or two. Havent been out and about since Bulgaria so need my social times.

And for those of you wondering, i still havent smoked and its been more than 2 months.

Bookclub babes

Yesterday it was finally time for our first bookclub meet up. Cant believe i havent been in a bookclub before, i mean, its kind of my thing. I guess i was effectively in a 4 year ‘bookclub’ studying literature at uni 🙂

Its me, Katta, Lollo, Linnea and Lily. The plan is to meet the last wednesday of the month giving you a whole month to finish your book. And we take turn choosing the book and choose the place for meet up.

Since this was the first one i went for a trusted card – the Havelock, and we voted for the book. It ended up being Ordinary people by Diana Evans.

Me waiting for the girls to arrive. Feel like cider is the perfect bookclub drink. And mulled in winter.

Lollo was away but the rest of us was giddy with excitment to start discussing out book. Look at Katta and me looking all bookish.

Unfortunately neither lily nor Katta had finished the book and Linnea and me werent blown away. We gave it a solid 3 and there was some interesting points in there. Mainly around living in London in your 30’s.

It was kind of bleak though. One of those books that finds it inevitable that you will end up cheating on your partner and fall out of love. You follow two couples and you get the back story to how they fell in love but now its all falling apart.

Its also pretty much saying that having kids is the bane of all relationships. That you will fall apart and your love transfer to the kids instead. I dont know, i read it and kind of wanted to forget about it. I want to believe love can be more than that.

It gave way for some interesting conversations though. About relationships and culture and being an expat in a country you didnt grow up in. Lily is from Japan and the rest of us are all swedes.

Thats why i love these kind of conversations. They make you think and having to verbalise what you feel. I have a feeling i will look forward to these meet ups like a kid on Christmas.

Lily gave me a pack of her delicious kimchi. She creates this and sells it either online or in some shops. Im so impressed with her and the company she has started. You go girl!

Next time is 28th of November. Cant wait.

Its not really boring, its slooow

Im sorry for boring post but my life is very quiet at the moment. Im taking it easy this week getting ready for NYC and Ibiza. I just know these poor old bones will suffer. And since George has been out and about pretty much since he came home its W and me. Dream team.

This is what it looks like most of the time. W sleeping in different posittions as close as he can get and me reading.

Doesnt get more exciting than that.

And no news on any of the other fronts either. As my mum said ‘we just tell each other about our boring lives’. True dat. But sometimes life can be a bit boring. Its ok.

Ok, you know what. Im going to stop right here. Hopefully be back tomorrow with some more exciting stuff.

Peace out.

Im a sloth

George have been trying to sort the boiler to turn on the heating that have been off all of this long, hot summer. Unfortunately he has managed to turn the whole thing off instead. So no hot water this morning. Dont get too close…

Yesterday i felt and looked like a candy. All baby blue knitted sweater and pink hairband. You need to be a candy sometimes.

It was cold and super sunny. My best weather. Took a selfie to George giving him a good luck kiss. Just because.

Then me and this little raggamuffin chilled in our freezing flat.

I was reading our bookclub book. Ill tell you all about it after out first meet up but its both depressing and really interesting. Hitting very close to hime. Its called Ordinary People by Diana Evans. Giving you a little taster here.

Otherwise its all pretty quiet at the moment. I feel like im hibernating. That kind of limbo feeling, im kind of just waiting. Not in a bad way though, i feel kind of settled with everything thats been going on. Not much i can do, just chill and kind of hope for the best.

Using my Ava bracelet is so far so much easier. No need to wake up at the same time EVERY morning (tricky with dog and weekends and travels etc) and it also looks at a lot of other parameters. Like my stress ration. Very interested at keeping an eye on that when work kicks off.

Here are all the parameters its tracking. The temperature is the main thing but all of these apparently matters. I got a pretty low resting heart rate. Wish it was because im so fit but i think its rather because im a sloth. Naturally slow.

HRV is the stress ratio. Im guessing it perfectly normal, i dont feel particularly stressed at the moment.

So yeah, all good in the hood.

Feeling strong

New week. Feels like autumn is here for real now and summer chills are over. Work has properly kicked off for me and im running a couple of big projects that will take all my time. Which is fine, i dont mind the work (even ill probably swear about it in a couple of months) and its all quite exciting stuff. LIfe puzzle feeling fine right now.

This week will be chilled. Meeting the girls for our bookclub on Wednesday. First meeting, im very excited about it. Always wanted to be part of a bookclub.

Went all in on the autumn look on Sunday as well. Yes, it was raining all weekend. People look at me like im crazy when i say i dont mind. But i honestly dont.

Woolly though, he hates the rain. Once hed been planting his feet on the ground for like 15min i got him to realise he needs to do his business and its not rain free on the other side of the house.

In the afternoon it was less wet and this well dressed man joined us. Totally dressed for the park.

Love Georges new leather jacket though. We are now a cool leather jacket couple.

Except for here. I look more like some kind of yummy mummy sailing girl. Sporty. Not me at all. But, i guess i am someone who owns practical clothes for the park now. Damn you dog ownership.

Came home and did a clear out of the wardrobe. A bin bag filled with old clothes. Needs doing about twice a year. If it hasnt been used in a year throw it out. Except for dresses etc but i own sooooo much clothes so some can definitely go. Incl the ‘ill use you when i loose x kg’. Those clothes need to go asap, thats just depressing.

In the evening we couldnt figure out how to turn on the heat and since George barely need comfy clothes he was all dressed up in mine. My, im really a style icon.

Me, i was dreaming of this. Imagine spending my winter in that onsie.

So much love for my little family.

This is me trying to take a selfie of my skin. Ive been using the products from the Ordinary for about a week and kind of love them. This is just wearing blush and a touch of concealer under my eyes. My skin just looks kind of even. In a good way.

Anyways, im shit at being a beauty blogger. Ha, even taking a pic with make up on. Oh well, i know none of you read me for my expert beauty tips.

There is no bad weather, only bad clothes

It’s pouring outside. Proper London autumn weather. And yes, I’m totally loving it. Dressing up in wellies and raincoat I couldn’t care less. W and G try to hide inside though. Weaklings.

Yes, you are my best friend. There is just something about that unconditional love. And hairy snuggles.

Finally got the chance to meet up with this one. Need her in my life. We caught up on all the good and all the bad. Life, that never ending rollercoaster.

And cakes. Because cakes are awesome and even if I’m trying to live a little less ‘eat everything all the time’ cake is a life necessity. Especially coconut carrot cake.

Told ya, there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.

And to make life even better my man made me lentil soup based on his grandmas recipe. I got to sit on the sofa and he cooked for me and then gave me foot rub.

Yes, most have done something right.

Glorious dinner

Went for dinner at Ella’s last night. Delicious as always. Whenever she asks if I want to come to her rather than going out I’m like ‘yes please’ ringing her door.

Hoorah for chef friends. And always healthy.

We also planned to set up friends. Because who doesn’t love to be Cupid?

After a long evening of all the chat and talks about Ella’s new love (she is all starry eyed) she gave me a bag of clothes to try on at home (sorry Ella, but you are like half my size…) and W and me left for home.

This morning having breakfast in one of our new bowls from Bulgaria. Love them. And the price…

While George is sleeping the booze from last night away W and me are having a slow breakfast before heading out into the world.

Luckily my gift from George seem to help. My mind is quite calm and happy at the moment. Holiday helped. And getting all the tests done.

Work will be very busy in the coming months so I’ll rest when I can. Minimal amount of anything will be the theme for this autumn. Except for kicking leaves, I do love kicking leaves.