Who run the world? Girls!

Its Georges 3 year anniversary in London today. Good thing i snatched him pretty much straight from the boat. We are heading up to Found tonight for Deliveroo and some cocktails with the most important people in Georges life here in London.

Im preparing my body and mind for drinks on the beach so will take it easy peasy. Plus, one more test to go before i feel right in the head again so better not screw with it too much tonight.

George made me a new ring a couple of months back and he’s finally put the last touches to it and declared it ready.

I asked for a ring with the female sign and this is his interpretation.

I love that its the whole ring making up the sign. I love that it also looks like a little George hugging me.

And i also LOVE having my own private jewellerer. All the rings are on tonight. Only two virgin fingers right now.

Feeling bad assery in my new ring. And ready to take on the world whatever might come.

You need a little spunk like this sometimes.

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