Aspirin for your soul

Ok guys, its time for final test (for now, there might be more in the future but lets focus on the now). The HSG checking the plumbing is happening this afternoon. Strap youself in and get ready for the ride.

And yeah, im nervous. But also calm. At least there will be some answers. And we love answers am i right?! However, wont get much of those until October so if i dont post tomorrow its not because im crying my eyes out somewhere, its because im off to Bulgaria!! (dont worry Gina, im not bringing gifts :))

Wearing softness today. Want my world to be candy cotton sweet so i made that happen.

Watched a movie in the cinema yesterday. Searching. It was awesome but kind of weird because the whole movie was recorded out of peoples computers. Like facetime and WA and stuff. But still weirdly worked.

Ha, this is George and me at the moment. Collect your troops and go to war. Its both comforting and tricky to listen to other peoples success stories. Good because obv succesful and it means it works out for people. But tricky because hearing about other peoples happiness and wanting it for yourself.

But you know what. Since i went back on the prozac im actually feeling much better. Already. Calmer. More in control of myself. Hands up to helping yourself on the way. Its like aspirin for your soul.

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