Sofia in my heart

We have landed in Bulgaria. And yes, it’s awesome. Especially the food. George’s parents have this lovely flat in the heart of Sofia and after a pit stop (and a shot of vodka) we headed out for dinner.

Soup in a bread bowl. Because why not.

Shopskas forever. I’ll eat my own weight in tomatoes on this trip.

After dinner we met with George’s cousins at this lovely garden bar. I’m totally not understanding any of the Bulgarian. Good thing they speak English.

The drinks were huge (this is a glass of gin). Cheap and plentiful. Who doesn’t like that?

After it got too cold and we had all the gin we could handle we went for night food (yes, there is a lot of eating in this country) accompanied by some Bulgarian classical music on the tv.

I laughed too much at this. Game, set, match in Bulgarian. Mats…

Breakfast and more food. We are heading to the coast today for a couple of days on the beach. Will not complain about that.

Oh yeah, everything was fine with the last test. My tubes are all clear. Painful stuff and I was strapped upside down in some machine wearing one of those ass less gowns. Pride wounded but at least I’m all clear. Such a relief so now I’ll just live holiday.

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