Almost there

Hey guys, im back from Bulgaria now. But still not London because Paris got in the way. Home late on Sunday and then straight here on Monday morning. Living the jetset life.

Promise i will tell you all about the awesome times we’ve had but for now im just saying hi and im alive and all that. Cant wait to get home to my flat and my doggo tonight.

In my in and out on Sunday i had to check the garden. Heres my tiny harvest from when we were away. Making myself a tiny salad. Honestly needed after our bulgaria trip. I dont like to talk about dieting and stuff but lets just say we ate EVERYTHING.

None of my clothes fit. Fact.

The ‘i really dont want to go to Paris’ morning face on the Eurostar.

Dinner with Sita. Her chciken was as big as she is.

Me, i went for the steak. Because after all the kebab in Bulgaria i needed a proper steak. I was not disappointed.

Then i picked up some fruit and was at the hotel before 7. No energy for nothing fun. Needed bed and book and chillaxing.

Heading home in a couple of hours so wish me luck and zero delays on the Eurostar. Please and thank you

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