Down to the coast

Working from home today. Got a stomach bug in Bulgaria and its been an interesting couple of days with all the traveling… My heartfelt sorry to everyone having to use the bathroom after me on the flight, airport, office and Eurostar.

So today im just taking it easy and keeping close to a bathroom. Sexy times. Maggie is in London for work and is staying at ours tonight so i’ll cook up a storm so that we can chill at home.

Anyways, enough of my exciting stomach issues. Here are the first day from our trip to the coast.

Excited kids in the car. 5h drive to a little village called Siennemorits. There was an oil spill along the coast so we drove the farthest down we could to make sure the waters were clean.

George and Sasho (in Bulgaria they all have weird nicknames. Like those old russian novels i could never follow. Sashos name is realle Alexander. Apparently they are all named after their grandparents so there are only that many name to go around. Hence creative nicknames)

I laughed so hard when i saw this. Ass troll!

We arrived into a beautiful scenery by the coast. This is the hotel overlooking the little road down to the beach.

Twilight. Not your standard beach look but i loved it. Surrounded by mountains and forest.

The boys wore matching outfit on our way to check out the town (as in village. It was tiny. But i liked it like that. Gave me the chance to do nothing but exist.)

After dinner we went to the bar. It was a lovely place called the ship. Sashos parents Ilyena and Nici were also with us at the coast and all of us decided we needed cocktails. Of course.

Mario and Nici

Awesome crew ready to take on the coast for a couple of days.

I headed home around 1, was not going to miss out on my tan time, which was a goof choice since George came home around 5 and was dead the day after.

But, that riveting story have to wait until next post.

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