Bulgaria pt2

Back to Bulgaria. For our first proper day on the coast George was drowning in his own hang over so i decided to hit the beach by myself. You snooze you loose as we say.

View from the top of the hill where our hotel was. This is the mouth where the river hits the sea. So you could choose, river or the black sea.

I went straight for the black sea of course. It was lovely warm and absolutely perfect. Finally sausage legs on the beach.

After a couple of hours George dragged his tired body down. Hey there handsome.

We went for food. Mussels and shopska. Yes please, can i eat this every day.

Another day, another breakfast. I love how Georges nose squishes up against Gina. That is love.

Pool day. We pretty much had the pool to ourselves so we could pretend we were super fancy people with our own private pool.

Drinks at the ship again because when there is one decent (by that i mean awesome) bar in town you go there every night.

I got freckles. Dont happen often. Love them, makes me feel like a summer beach girl. I never feel like that. Im not made for the beach, im more of a dingy bar kind of girl.

Taking his ‘auntie’ for a swing on the dance floor.

Drinks and cigarettes. I survived my baptize by fire, didnt even have one cigarette in these 10 days when everyone smokes everywhere and the cigs are so cheap it hurts. I literally had to stop myself from crying a little but when a carton was 25 euro at the airport.

The view though. I looked at them.

More beach life. Trying to upgrade from the child pose. Im just really bad at posing, still have a long way to go.

George doing a take over at the bar. Just cant stop himself from working this one.

I dont say no. Love myself the gin and tonic.

Family photo. George has turned into a footballer with his long hair and hairband. Bahahahaha.

Always smiling my extra mum. I love her smile. And her laugh. And her of course. It was so lovely spending time with George parents. They are the best.

Views. Both the man and the sea.

I had the best time for our 5 days by the sea. Will come back to the bulgarian coast. See us having a little holiday home here for our kids growing up.

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