Status update

Before i keep telling you all about Bulgaria i’ll give you an update on you know, real life. Where its beautifully grey and almost a bit chilly (yeah, im totally going into hibernating mood)

Since my stomach was iffe mc iffy yesterday it was me and the sofa.

I made a shopska from my home grown cucumber. Yeah me. Ive only managed to grown one though so wont exactly win any gardening prices…

Maggie came over for dinner and sleep over. Didnt manage to catch her on photo but got a very happy W laying between us in the sofa.

I love having my old friends over. The ones that have known me for ever. Maggie and me have been through soooo much. We spoke about babies and work and life and all that matters. How i love those nights.

Then i put Maggie to bed (that what happens when you are baby momma) and George came home. Very happy Woolly with his family intact. I feel you lil man

Today wearing new silver earrings from Bulgaria and a tan. Feeling fresh.

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