New York you’ve been swell

Having a pretty banging time as always in NYC. I have shopped a tad too much and definitely eaten too much but that’s standard right. You are not doing NYC otherwise.

Yesterday chilled out in Gotham hall (a nerd like me loves that shit) for the conference. It was a bit of a useless day for me so the guys hosting took me and some other Londoners out for a lovely lunch


After lunch we went to see drunk Shakespeare. It was all kind of awesome. Hosted in a room full of books with free flowing cocktails and some serious laughs.

The poor actress being drunk had to do like 7 tequila shots. Feeling her headache today. But it was hilarious.

After dinner I met up with Darren and his well matching crew of banker colleagues. Couldn’t be more perfect that they were all guys in matching outfits.

We had a lovely dinner and some drinks. But by midnight I heads home, the jet lag is a killer.

Felt a bit so so and ended up spending some of the less important time in bed. But I’m back conferencing and will go to the after party for a couple of hours before heading to bed for my flight tomorrow.

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