The most beautiful of Ibiza weddings

Im back! And i most admit im looking forward to not travelling for a while. Will enjoy the shit out of London and our flat. Hello smelly candles and soups.

But, before all of that ill tel you about our trip to ibiza. After landing at 1 am, going home to get my bag and then straight out to the airport again George and me got told that shitty BA had put us on standby. For NO reason whatsoever. We had full price tickets and where there in time. Not happy about that fucking stunt. Their excuse was like ‘yeah, but you are not gold members so we kinf of dont care about you’.


But after a nerve wrecking 30 min at the gate they let us on.

And we arrived at our wonderful hotel. A villa with only 5 rooms called Can quince. If anyone is looking for a chilled ibiza weekend at a lovely place come here. It was amazing.

We went straight to the pool and i feel asleep like a kid. Hadnt slept for 24h so had earned it.

In the evening it was time for drinks. I had lost one of my contacts so glasses all the way.

Beautiful little place by the beach for margaritas and tapas style food.

The beautiful bride and groom. So lovely to see Dani again. She practically glowed.

Everyone got these lovely little copitas for drinking mescal in. Yes please.

My sexy man in his new blazer from Bulgaria. It was boho theme, hence letting that sexy chest hair out.

Dancing by the fire before hading home around midnight. A big day coming up after all.

Rocking up at the wedding venue around mid day. We missed brekkie (the jetlag was killing me) so George and me ate some bread hiding behind a tree to not die.

Was sporting a bit of a cleavage. Not my normal style so felt the need to hide my boobs somewhat behind my hair.

Dani looking absolutely gorgeous again. How does she even do it.

Pro wedding guests.

They had written their own wovs and took turns reading it to each other. Almost made my cry.

Finally married. Again (yes, they actually got married in germany earlier this summer)

Dani and her bridesmaids. I like that they all got to wear their own dresses, ust had to follow a colour scheme.

After the ceremony it was time for drinks in the sun. It was absolutely sweltering and baby Max chilled out in his pool with Kirsten and Pete looking after him.

Time for dinner. I sat next to Evas husband but ended up sitting next to Eva catching up for most of the dinner.

Glowstick party!

Coolest kids sitting opposite me.

After dinner the never ending party started. True to Ibiza  and team Dani and Flo we all danced until 6 am in the morning.

Long time since ive seen a wedding go on this long.

But, all we need is love.

Also, LOVE that Danis dress turned the long back into a cape. Like a super hero.

Look at that absolutely stunning, gorgeous girl. My baby is married.

The day after was a bit of a write off. We just chilled out by the pool and washed the hangover off us.

Not a bad way to spend a hungover day.

Last of the summer sun before the long winter.

Last day and we finally woke up to the amazing breakfast. Homemade granola, fig jam from the garden and fruit salad. Yes please.

I got a new friend with the bluest eyes ever.

And then our Ibiza adventure was over. What a lovely time and so lovely seeing my girl so happy but im ready for London now.

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