London colours

Im actually so glad to be back home. My London dressed up in all the autumn colours. Im still quite weary and covered in itchy mosquito bites, one especially annoying on my chin. So im totally enjoying taking it easy. Its leaving drinks at work tomorrow and Lollos bday dinner Saturday but i have put a caveat in that i might skip it. See me pandering to my inner old person.

And on Friday we go to the doctors to get the final verdict on all the tests. So its that. Yes, im a tad nervous of course.

George has started this 8 week work out and eating program and aside from stop drinking coke and eating candy (good work babe) he works out 6 (!!) days a week. In Peckham. Thats dedication.

Me, i dont do anything crazy like that. Just eating a bit healthier with George.

Anyway, this face is because George got tested and his physical age is 29…like even how. He drinks for a living and hes still fit. WTF!

Reunited with my mini man. Missed him a lot when i was gone but now we have a good autumn together. Im not going anywhere for a while.

Super warm in London still. Its 23 degrees. The cold keeps being a distant dream. And i have so many nice sweaters to chill around in this autumn. Well, im sure ill be tired of it come March.

Ha, my new jumper. Yes, im totally wearing Woolly on my chest. Yes, being that dog owner. #fashion.

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