Take a break from the world

There is a lot going through my mind at the moment. We won’t get any definite answers from the doctor until 2 months from now.

And I won’t talk about any specifics until then. Because we don’t know what anything means. I’m mentally preparing myself for any future. Because I’m like that. But talking to George he doesn’t really want to speculate before we know. Because he is like that.

I respect that. That’s why I won’t discuss it too much in a public forum. We are a team and I have no doubt we will face anything together. But in that you need to give each other room to handle this your own way.

So I speak to my friends. Read up on the different solutions. Fret. But with George I shower us in love. Have fun. Focus on the now. Hang with my little family.

(and yes, we have discussed it. Once. We both know what this is. So now we wait)

After all this I decided to have a very quiet weekend at home. Being somewhat reeling from the news the thought of putting on the mask was too much.

We went to the office drinks for like an hour W and me. Then he wanted to go home. And me too. So we did.

Took a long walk with Katta on Saturday morning. We booked Lucia on the 6th of December. And dinner at a swede restaurant. Date night.

God I love my friends. Listening and just being there. London have seen a lot of my favourites go but I’ve been lucky to have so many new come in its place.

Then back on the sofa. Sometimes things need to be warm and cuddly and safe.

My hearts. I love them very much. With these two the world, with all it’s up and downs and sometimes downright cruelty, doesn’t feel so bad.

George after his first week at the gun challenge. Pretty good results. 7 more weeks to go and he’ll be a beast.

Today having a slow morning in bed surrounded by furry, hairy family. If you have to take a break from the world this is pretty awesome.

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