Hide from the rain

Monday. New week. New start. Or something. Think positive and all that jazz. My dreams were filled with weird shit so clearly my mind is processing. But me, im thinking positive and being strong and go girl!

And, today is Christmas music day… the softest, easiest shit there is. Katta and me booked a Lucia and swedish dinner date night on the 6th of December. Is it ok that im looking forward to it way too much already? The trickier the world is the softer i need everything around me to be.

On Sunday it poured down in London. Woolly went to hide under a tree and refused to come out so George and me had to hide with him. I tried to take a selfie but he was having none of it.

Then you grab your man for a selfie instead.

After all that rain we dried up and went home to Skype with Gina. Woolly super keen on a conversation with grandma.

As soon as he got out of the hug he hid behind me for George not to get to him again. Who wants to be treated like a baby when you are a grown ass doggo?

George is in Edingburgh and Cologne this week so Ive got London to myself. Tonight movie with Katta, bday dinner for Maggie on Wednesday and bday lunch for Lollo on Saturday. Fun times.

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