New sexy boots

Maggie is in town today. Its her bday. And we are going out for a girls dinner to celebrate. She is probably the one of my close friends ive known the longest. We went to school together and have known each other since we were 17. Thats almost 20 years. Damn.

She is going to stay with me tonight. She can be my teaspoon again. We moved in together 10 years ago when we both ended our relationships at the same time. It was a lot of pizza in bed, crying in front of the TV, late night dancing, laughter and hungover mornings. We lived in a tiny flat and shared a bed and most of our money went to trips and wine.

Not a bad way to live in your mid twenties. Now she is married and have a baby but shell always be my wifey.

Got new boots from Zara. Love them. I feel like a punk rocker but they are also comfy. Winter is saved with these bad boys.

Yeah baby. There is a lot of bling on shoes at the moment which im not a massive fan of but these are the perfect amount of bling. More than this and its an eyesore.

Getting status updates from my man travelling around. He seems to be enjoying himself.

Me, im coming down with my nose cold sore again. That time a year. Always sexy with an infected nose. So im working from home today. No important meetings i cant do from here and feeling a bit rough.

I dont know. Im having a hard time caring about work at the moment. I think everything im my private life makes work seem a little less important. Its such a struggle on a daily basis in my job and i dont have the energy when im also fighting life in general.

I guess im just tired today, infected nose and all. Good thing i get to put on some make up and see the girls tonight.

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