All the swedes

Had a great time with the swedes last night for Erics bday. At Lisas of course because swede food is the best food. Its funny with this crew, ive known them for like 8 years now and to them im kind of the one who got away and hang with non swedes. The rest pretty much live on the same street in Fulham and mostly hang with each other.

Love seeing them though and cheers Eric for making sure i hang at least once a year.

The old Ifield crew. Cant believe we were just kids then. Now Robin has a kid, im engaged and well Eric has a girlfriend (and trust me, thats big for Eric).

Ha, the best picture of KF nand Martin. KF is headed back to Sweden in the new year and it seems like a lot of them are being transferred since they all work banking and Brexit means all the banks are moving.

Damn you Brexit.

A table of meatballs and one poor non swede eating quinoa. Poor choice man.

After a couple of drinks, some dancing and a lot of catching up me and my man decided to go home around midnight. I was pretty tipsy after my snaps drinking but actually feel ok today. Good thing since im seeing Sanna and Peter tonight.

And then i get to rest….#old

Princess hair and beautiful gifts

What a day ive had. So much has happened since 10 am that it needs another post. Yes, im trigger happy and no, i dont save stuff to post at a later stage. You get real time baby.

Me and my slightly unhappy face waiting for the princess hair cut. Because we know that even if the guy promised beach waves it will turn out princess hair. Every time.

Mid way. The curls are just curling a little extra to give me that glossy perfect posh hair.

Told you. Perfect Kate. Its quite a lot shorter this time and ill be back end of January to continue ‘work on my hair’ because apparently i have ‘a lot of potential’ but need ‘a lot more work’ to get that perfect hair.

Ok mr, blow my mind. I guess im closing in on 40 and need one of those power woman hair styles rather than scruffy 20 something hair.

Hello there glossy locks. Even the grey dont look too bad after this fix up.

Once back in the office i got a delivery. A gift from my baby across the sea. Julia sent me a marshmallow advent calendar to make sure i get something white and fluffy every day until Christmas.

Ok, be still my little heart. Its so sweet i kind of want to curl up and give up. I mean for real.

It even has a mini burner and mini grill sticks. Loving it. And her. You hear that Lulle – i LOVE you.

And to make sure my tear ducts get an ever harder time Henry decided to give us all leaving gifts

(…im kind of crying writing this. Is it ok to think that your team is the BEST ever when your 24 year old colleague leaves for a new job and gives US gifts)

My sexy santa bag from Crossley and Crossley. I mean, look at that beauty.

This is coming with me to Sweden because sexy bag and we need to up our santa bag game.

And in it was a glittery unicorn (ok, im losing to my tears. This 24 year old guy got me glittery unicorn because he knows i love that shit) and a Henry weston cider (yeah, thats his name).

When it comes to gifts i love giving them but my sentimental heart loves getting them when there is so much sweetness behind.

So this princess needs to pull herself together before heading to Erics bday party tonight. Otherwise itll be a drunken cry fest because little heart overflowing.

My babes are better than your babes

Another Bookclub meet up. I know i keep raving about it but i LOVE our bookclub. Its so awesome meeting up once a month to discuss books and eat amazing food. I see myself as a little old lady in various circles of great women. Knitting anyone?

Last night it was Linnea hosting and she had chosen Rabbit at Kings Road. Such a lovely place. Foraging tapas kind of. A lot of game and earthy tastes. Absolutely stunning.

New to the group was Malin, Talula and Rachel. We are now a solid 7 people from all over the place. All keen readers.

Katta always represents with the actual book. Linneas choice of the month was a thriller by Lisa Jewell.

It got mixed reviews. Everyone enjoyed reading it but kind of agreed it was a bit all over the place. To me she tried to cram too much in there and the story got a bit lost in all the crazy. Really liked reading it but cant say it stayed with me after.

I did however find it very interesting that the predator of the book was another woman. Since all the books we have been reading so far has had a strong female focus and looked at different ways women get victimized by men i thought it was really interesting that the bad guy was a woman. Driven by a need to please a man but still.

Rachel and Talula getting in to it without missing a beat.

Linnea loved it and it got somewhere between weak 3 and a 4. I wonder if we’ll ever find a book that everyone gives a 5.

At the end of the dinner i gave the girls the Christmas gift.

Everyone helping out to open. I had gone all out on the starry wrapping paper. That me.

Ha, using their book bags as bibs. Hey, why not.

So, they all got a book bag with Bookclub Babes on one side and ‘Keep calm and read on’ on the other side. We are official now that we have merch. I hope to see them all carry their books or kindles in this next time.

Next month will be after Christmas and Katta is hosting and chose the autobiography of Michelle Obama for our next read. Very excited about that one.

Who rule the world? Girls!

Its Bookclub Babes today. Woop woop, cant wait. Absolutely love our bookclub and seeing smart girls discussing literature and life once a month. Hurrah for women.

Speaking of women, yesterdays interviews was completely devoid of any female life. It was me and 3 very white, middle aged males. Go figure. A very interesting role and definitely a step up but not sure its for me right now. It would take a lot of proving given that their reservations to me is that im a bit too young. And im not sure i have that in me at the moment. I just want to be accepted. Not having to fight for every shred of respect.

In other news, im 4 months smoke free and 2 months into my fasting thing. Look at me rocking the healthy life. My body feels good though, the fasting has helped with the stress bloating ive been experiencing over the last year and im just generally feeling stronger. I eat everything as normal (hey gingerbread dough) but for certain hours. Seems to be doing me a world of good.

Worked from home yesterday. It was freezing. Thank god for my space blanket from George.

My flowers. I know i keep raving about them but i really love this flower subscription. These make me happy every day. Must be worth £36 a month.

I always feel like a fraud when i sit in those interviews

The third season of This is us is out and that is bloody fantastic. Except for one couple going through ivf. I had no idea you actually have to do the hormone injections yourself. I try and avoid to read too much about things im not sure im going to have to do but this was like a crash course in all things ivf. And not in a good way.

Putting a needle in myself for 4 weeks dont seem all that appealing.

Doing some interviews today. Im not really looking but this is for a somewhat crazy role. Reporting directly into the CEO. When the top management had read my CV and feeded back one of the things was that they were impressed with my experience and career being so young but concerned that means im a bit too young compared to the other candidates.

Hell yeah. Im a kid. Also means i have too dress all serious for the interviews. Maybe i can find a hairstyle where i really show off my grey hairs 🙂

I still constantly laugh at my ‘career’. Because who ever imagined. And if for some crazy reason i would get this job i would have to think if its even worth it at the moment. But even to be considered is actually kind of crazy.

Last night sofa chill.

Everyone needs a November laugh

Here is another round up of fun things ive screen shotted from that world wide web. Katta and dad, this is for you (yeah, you guys got exactly the same humor)

This is so George. Or like every guy ever.

hahahaha, this is so much mum and dad sometimes ‘yeah, i like send in-app notifications’, they like ‘mmmmm’.

Hehe. I would say some of them are spot on. ‘taking ghost stories way too seriously since -82’

YES! ive fallen for this one WAY too many times. If they play the guitar as well im a goner.


Woolly yesterday. He was NOT happy about being sent away for two weeks.

October biatches!

Hahahahaha, laughed way too much at this one. And thought of every ‘deep’ guy in school.

That me way too many hangovers.

My poor wardrobes. Only get my old shit.

Sexy Santa

Less than a month to Christmas. Its officially ok to be MEGA excited. Which i am. Going to the Christmas market on Saturday the house have been filled with delicious things. If you are going to be incapacitated by stupid foot injury its best when you have all the good things to eat.

George made my day by making me breakfast in the sexy Santa underwear i bought him when sis was here. Yes, she bought matching ones for Micke.

Getting my breakfast delivered by the sexy tea elf.  He made me stay in bed while he was cooking but i snuck out to take some pictures. Its not every day Santa makes you breakfast.

Mmhmmm, this years Christmas card (sorry dad, i know this hurts your eyes).

Then Woolly came back (and yes, i was still in bed around noon). Its almost been two weeks and i might have hugged that little monster for hours. He was trying to ignore me for a bit but no dice little one, you have to do all the huggies.

Family! We watched the new Xmas movie on Netflix and i was in heaven on the sofa with all my favourite boys.

This week Sanna and Peter are in town so have a busy schedule going. And on Saturday we are buying the tree. Plus bookclub and Erics bday dinner. Hope im still alive at the other end.