Bye halloween, hello christmas

Sorry about my very defeatist post yesterday. I feel better today. Mainly because i kind of have to. I have no idea what any of this means so I need to try and be as positive as possible. Yes, thats coming from me, queen of pessimism.

I spoke to the team yesterday and managed to be very positive about it. Im pretty sure they are fine and i dont want to worry them unnecessarily. So i worry instead, thats kind of what a manager does i guess.

Im also ovulating and lets just say its not a particularly sexy affair. Im praying for twins so we never have to go through this again. I also find it hilarious that people have so many weird tips and tricks. I stick with whatever the doctors say, feels safest.

It was Halloween yesterday and i decided to wear my awesome unicorn skeleton earrings. They are cheap ones from H&M but get a lot of love.

We also got some candy sent from one of our artists. Thank you! Never say no to candy.

Natalia was back at work after 8 months of maternity leave so we went to wing wing for lunch and a little team celebration.

My amazing Woolly Christmas tree hangings got delivered. Love the little scarf.

Look at my flowers after almost a week. Looking very pretty in our messy living room.

It officially Christmas season now that Halloween is over. Im going to enjoy the shit out of it. Need all the good i can get at the moment. Im also very much looking forward to my almost 2 week Christmas holiday. Only 50 days to go.

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