The silence of the girls

I went to an interview this morning. Or, i thought it started at 10 but it was 9 so i was 40 mins late. I blame it on the automated invite that went straight into my calendar at 10. Think it has to with me having both UK and FR time in my calendar. Felt like a naughty kid being late.

Anyway, i went and it sounded interesting but not sure its for me. Keeping my eyes out though given recent changes. At the same time, kind of want to stay put.

Last night i walked through a dark London to meet the girls for our secong Bookclub Babes meet up. Felt so excited and love having a bookclub to look forward to.

Battersea power station looked like some kind of futuristic movie backdrop.

We went to n29 Battersea power station. It was Lollos time to host the bookclub and she had choosen the place and the book – The silence for the girls by Pat Barker.

Katta is the only one who actually still reads physical books and she looked like the embodiment of a bookclub babe.

The book got between weak 4 to strong 4 by us. It was really good and very interesting from a women in history perspective. We ended up talking about women rights and how we still essentailly fight the same challenges as this fictional greek mythology women. The right to our bodies, adapting to a mans world and how to make a life for ourselves in that.

Dinner was also lovely. I ate steak and ale pie as well as a spicy plum pavlova.

Look at these gorgeous, smart girls. Love having them in my life and feel like that bookclub is one of my best ideas for the last 10 years.

After my interview this morning i went to the swedish embassy to get my passport. Went by the scandi shop hoping for ginger bread dough but they had already run out…so, i had to settle for candy instead.

Made George and me a meatball and lentil stew for lunch and then headed into work with a tin of ginger bread snaps for the team. Spreading joy to everyone.

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