Living in limbo

Its weird living in this limbo waiting for answers. In my head ive kind of totally stopped thinking about babies, i think im protecting myself somehow. Im looking away when i see them out and about and stay away from any movies aboout pregnancy etc. Ive even stopped dreaming of us having one. My brain is just blanking it out.

We’ve been trying for almost 10 months now. Its long to hope and wait and dream for something. I still take my temperature and try and figure out when im ovulating and im loving my ava. Its making it so much easier to deal. It records everything for me when i sleep and i sync it up in the mornings. Easy peasy when you are trying to not think about all of this.

George is amazing. He just have this magical way of making me live in the now. And be happy. He is also barely drinking at the moment taking it easy for the next round of tests. And we eat vitamins and healthy food and all that jazz.

So now we wait.

Glasses and leather jacket weather yesterday. It was 17 degrees and way too hot for my knitted jumper. Dont tell me the weather is not going haywire form global warming.

George came home from Cardiff bearing a boomerang unicorn drink. Not unhappy about that. I will enjoy that after seeing the Queen movie tonight.

Work is…work. Nothing more has happened since last weeks announcement and im hoping for things to stay calm for a while. People leave and join in the team but thats normal. My energy levels for anything now is a bit depleted. This limbo dont invite to planning or dreaming, it just kind of lets me float and be. Thank god for books and series.

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