Date night – dinner and a movie

Im sat very early at work (which in my world is coming in at 8.15. I actually had to open the office) and waiting to present to our exec team. Your normal stuff around achievement and current projects and yes, im nervous. Mainly because proving myself, the team and not having them move us to Paris.

Yesterday George and me had date night. Nothing too fancy. We had pho and then went to see Bohemian Rhapsody. Such an amazing movie. Rami Malek was magic. The movie wasnt the best ive seen (a star is born had a lot more depth and chemistry) but loving queen and their music i still fell in love.

Then we went home to our doggo.

Speaking of dogs. Saw this little angel in a rescue home and fell in love. George says i cant have another dog right now (fair enough) so im trying to find her another home. She looks like a darker lil Woolly.

Im also thinking of volunteering for that rescue with admin. Feels good to help and i have the time at the moment.

Me being super excited about sorting about 6 Christmas gifts yesterday. Im more or less done now. And pretty happy with most of them i must admit.

I also bought my favourite flower. Hyacinths. Soon the flat will smell of all things Christmas.

Like this gingerbread candle from Zara. Its magic. I kid you not. It smells like someone is constantly baking and weirdly its not too sweet.

So yeah. Im in full on holiday mood. Only 47 days to go and 44 until im on my way to Sweden. That is actually doable.

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