Red lips and banana drinks

The most important thing of the year happened – this years first gingerbread dough!! After having chased around the few avenues of scandi food and coming up short i was very happy that my man went and got me some. This my friends is true happiness.

And then i came in this morning to xmas themed cake pops. Life is pretty damn good right now.

Im a f**king pro at cherish the good days at the moment. Maybe i should put one of those carpe diem signs on my wall. And most likely loose my man in the process.

Worked from home in the afternoon and got the flat smelling of gingerbread. This was before the dough. Sweet pain.

My little Christmas corner. Hyacinths and 3 advent calendars.

Felt extremly cosy. After my meeting in the morning, that actually went quite well, i needed some sofa time to chillax. And because tube strike in London barely anyone was in the office.

In the evening i met up with George and Miika at Mimis.

This is a banana liquer and cardemom drink. Delicious.

After Mimis we went to Hawksmoor. Boys are drinking kyro but i wanted to try their signature cocktail – shaky petes. Its like a ginger beer but with shit loads of ginger. Absolutely delicious. I had a three drink maximum that night so had to choose carefully.

Liam came to join us. Boys ❤

My second shaky Petes. I think i killed all bacteria ever alive in my body with all that ginger.

Had very red lips. Love my Fenty lip paint.

I love this guy. Hes the best. And i love our nights out with friends having a couple of drinks together. Both our happy place.

My morning walk. Yeap, im totally gushing at the moment but this is just nice. W running aorund and me wearing warm jumpers. Life.

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