Journey to the underworld

A weekend of highs and lows. I was feeling sad on Saturday and then yesterday i had my normal sunday low at the end of the night. I hate how i affect George but i dont have much fight in me at the moment. As i said to him yesterday – im just sad. Im dreaming of something that isnt happening and on some days thats harder than others.

But, lets focus on something a little bit more fun. On Saturday George took me to see Marias play in Tower Hamlets. Its an immersive food and theatre experience where you get a 4 course meal and a crazy story to go with it.

Its called Journey to the underworld

And on a journey we went. Jumping in the train to hell. This is the purgatory express. Sounds cheerful.

But everything excites this man.

Creepy writing on the window.

We got served some delicious food and all of a sudden Satans bride came to scare us half to death.


Yes, its Maria and yes, that is why she i basically running at George.

They put us in non see through goggles and made all of these weird things happening. Super scary, im not made for haunted houses and other scary things.

Robin who made friends with is acting in the Christmas show that starts in a couple of weeks. Sound more like my thing.

Smart looking couple.

After the play was over Maria came out to get some much needed hugs. George then went on to work and i went home to mini doggo. At least i let myself out for a couple of hours this weekend. Yes, im feeling fairly anti social at the moment.

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