Dream art

George and me are going on a date night tonight. We are going to Hawksmoor for steak and shaky pete’s. Dream. I like that we are really good at going out and doing things together. Needed in these times to remember to have fun.

Ella told me i seem to hold together well and I guess i am. I mean, im sad at times but im not letting it consume me the way ive done when im depressed. Im just dealing.

Yesterday i was making Christmas gifts for our bookclub. This is a little teaser of what is to come.

Yes, i know. i DO have a Christmas problem but i love it and dont taking away anything i love this year. I live on doing things that make me happy.

Finally put up my prints from Bellas exhibition. Love them. This one reminds me of my forest at home and walking around there feeling summer chic (like im ever chic at the country house…)

It was for a series on dreams. And they do have that dreamy quality to them.

And the second one. This is depression for me. The open faced and turned away person at the same time.

Love them and think they fit our flat very well. Our weird little thrift store flat filled with knick knacks and memoribilia but so very us. Our flat is a bit small and there is stuff that dont fit everywhere but i love it. Its ours and we are very happy here.

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