Aquavit and food coma

Yesterday George and me went on a date night. We are making sure to do that from time to time at the moment to focus on nice things and get out of the house. And remember that life is still bloody fantastic even if I just realise i didnt get pregnant this month either.

That is what it is and the world keeps spinning out there so somethimes you need to go out and grab the world by the balls with your beautiful man by your side.

We started at the launch of Aquavits new menu. Never knew that snaps can make such delicious cocktails until i started going here and drinking Jays lovely cocktails.

This is the chanterelle which was amazing but a little too sherry for my taste. However, the ‘Where’s Mary’, a clarified Bloody Mary, was one of the best drinks ive ever had.

Here he is, the genius himself.

After a couple of tastings we went to Hawksmoor for dinner. Shaky Petes of course. We were both wearing date night clothes and ended up ordering waaaaayyyy too much food.

This sad face is because after we asked for a doggy bag and was about to die they surprised us with a sticky toffee pudding and more drinks. I put myself in another focused eating frenzy to get some down before the absolute fullness hit me.

Then it did and there was zero, zilch, nada space left in my stomach. Our date ended with us moaning our way home on the tube.

Mission accomplished.

But first, a picture of the pretty Christmas lights this year and George looking like an angel.

Such a nice night and needed with some us time and focus on good things.

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