They are finally here!

Parents finally in town! So nice to have them back. Of course we met up at the Hilton hotel for a drink first. Traditions. If youve done something for the last 8 years it needs to keep going.

Dad trying to work out the internet. Living in the 10s daddy.

Me and mum. First thing she said was that my hair is too long. Hah, told my colleagues earlier thats what she would say. Nothing if not predictable. Wearing my kilt and trying to look smart for the parents.

Then we left for the theatre. I had bought us tickets to see Don Quixote at the Garrick theatre. I tried to find something were they both knew the story, that was fun and something my mum havent already seen. Not easy im telling you.

George joined us and we were all ready to be vowed.

Beautiful ceiling in the theatre. I love these old theatres.

George looked very smart in his tie and jacket.

The play was amazing. Really funny, smart and interactive. They made the story about the Knight of the sad countenance into a both fun but also kind of sad story. Exactly like the book. Definitely worth seeing and not like all the other musicals out there.

After the play we went to Mimis for a drink. Adrien treated us to delicious cocktails before we decided its a day tomorrow as well and headed home.

Tonigth dinner at Havelock and a drink at ours.

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