Showing off our life

Another lovely night in London with the family. Mum and dad came by to see the flat for the first time bringing gifts of hard bread and a pillow with an old motive of a unicorn. Love it, unicorn with class. Like me.

A glass of wine and some crisps make everyone happy (well, a GT for me)

George showing mum how the coconut lamp he gave me last Christmas works.

Dad got to write in our guest book. Loved looking through our old ones as a kid so very happy to have one in our flat.

Me and daddy long legs.

Ha. Apparently we are having all the fun together.

Dinner at the Havelock.

Love our local. We had some delicious food and more drinks and lots of good talks.

Dad and his awesome beer glass. He was very happy about getting something that looked like something for a kid. So my dad, always a love for the silly in life.

Tonight my sister is here, beyond excited for that. Might need a nap after my days with the parents 🙂

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