Soul sisters

In Paris and fighting a cold at the moment. I blame all the fun of last week, my immune system is punishing me. Totally worth it though, parents and sister. Double whammy!

Not unhappy to see this smiley face when i came to meet her at Hsmith on Friday. I mean come on. Best sister in the world (yes, that is a  fact)

After a slow getting ready at the flat, a cup of tea followed by a GT and some cheese list we were ready to take on London.

Met with Katta at Andina for some food to line those stomachs. Its what we call a Very Good Idea.

More than ready for some action and Found.

This is us drinking water at around 9. Yes, a tad over excited about this whole night. I mean, i have my sister to myself for a whole weekend. Thats calls for all the celebrations.

We also found our brother…

Or at least his look a like in Robin. Its actually crazy how alike they are.

Ella and Giles came by to say hi. Lovely to see them. Poor guys were not really on our level so they snuck out after a couple of tequila shots. Good skills.

Hanging a bit with my man.

My sister and i went for the double trouble approach with high heels, hair and lips. Ha, the poor boys were seriously confused. Both about us looking the same but mostly about us being THAT tall.

Love it when my people have an awesome time together.

Yeah, everything is a bit blurry here.

Sister picture. How lucky arent i that this smart, fun, sweet and absolutely fabulous women is my sister. I totally won that one.

Hell yeah shes my sister (and yeah, i guess we do look alike :))

The after hour stupid at Found. Boys closing, girls showing off their smart.

Getting my hair done by a super sober big sis. Yes, totally had a little moment. Never really had a mum or big sis to do my hair so might have been crying a little bit inside. with joy of course. I also looked totally hot.

Im going to end this here with this amazing photo from the best night.

Beyond words having her here, showing her my life and dancing together. We might not have grown up together but damn, she’s my sis at heart.

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