You choose your own family

But the weekend wasnt over after a night of fun and games. Waking up a tad ‘trott i ogat’ (tired in the eye) we were on a mission. Sis needed to go to Camden to exchange a gift at this small London brand. And i needed to spend as much time with her as possible so off we went.

These two <3. Coolest cats in town. Love how matchy matchy they look. My family’s got swag.

Camden! Filled to the brim with people, shit no one needs and the occasional treasure. I was hanging out of my ass and kept drifting around like a lil ghost. But, luckiest in the world i had two people to take care of me. Felt spoilt.

George was a man on a mission and bought half of Camden. So we took a little nap. Bought him a very sexy black velvet jacket with red trimming. He’ll break many hearts in that one.

Hey there sexy.

Yeah, these are MY people. Collecting the best weirdos since 1982.

When we got home i crashed and Carro and George stayed up watching a movie. I could hear them laugh together from the living room and thats love straight into the heart.

Sunday morning we woke up fresh as daisies and George told us we had to stay in bed since he was making breakfast in bed for us. So i crawled into bed with my sister and heard my man pottering away in the kitchen.

Because he is all kinds of amazing and i love him for making us matching trays of epic breakfast while we get to lay in bed and talk life together.

Sneaky Mc sneakies. This is where they are plotting the three of us getting a tattoo together.

Tough kids.

We went for a sunday lunch at Jeans and Natalia and little baby Sophie charmed everyone.

Ha, this pictur is so cock eyed in all the ways.

Hey there little angel girl.

She was kind of scared of George but also VERY fascinated.

Loved having you here and you have to come back soon. And i promise a Gotland trip next year. Cross my heart and hope to die.

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