Happy hump day

Back in London after my trip to Paris. I just struggle with Paris man. I also came down with a cold so on Monday night I went straight to bed when everyone else went for drinks. Yes, this is who i am now #proud.

Have another busy week coming up. Dinner with Maggie tomorrow, dinner with a group of swede girls on Friday, Christmas fair and an engagement party on Saturday. Yes, its coming up to busy December times and it will be all fun and games until Christmas (bless my tiny little heart). Every week looks like this ahead *putting my party face on and hoping to survive*.

In other news, all my Christmas gifts are done and dusted (high five myself). And yeah i know i shouldnt buy this much stuff but i just LOVE giving them gifts. At least half of them are personalised or bought from small designers (pretending that i didnt go to primark for Agnes and Nisse).

Since i have taken zero photos here are some funny things i found on the internetz

Heh. How i feel sometimes when i talk to my parents. At least they get the ‘im boss woman over 50 people’ thing.

Yes! (Basically its says that you get provoked by people who dont drink coffee or beer, like did you even try to be accepted). Feel that after my years with Oliver. He didnt even drink fizzy drinks.


That me.

Love millenials.

Thats it from me folks. See you later alligators.

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