The baby making shizzle

I’m loving December and the fact that I have 4 (!!) advent calendars this year. And I will tell you all about that but I just wanted to give a little round up of all this baby making stuff and the things I learnt on the way.

There is a couple of things that I feel have really helped and if anyone is going through the same thing maybe worth trying some of them.

– Starting to chart your cycle even before trying to get an understanding of your signs and patterns. It takes a bit of time to get the data together otherwise.

– I had a really hard time with the temperature since you need to take it at the same time every morning and sleep 3 hours in a row (try that with a dog coming into bed every night) so getting the Ava bracelet was a god send. You pop it on at bed time and voila, wake up with results in the morning no matter how much or well you slept.

– starting to take Vitex. It’s a natural herb that helps women health focusing on hormones and cycles and the likes and since I started 4 months ago my cycle has evened out from 20 days difference to 2. It has really helped me getting my cycle balanced.

– Doing your OPKs. I struggled with these in the beginning because they wouldn’t really show anything. However, take them for like 10 days straight and it should help you identify your fertile window.

– Seek help if you feel you need it. I am so happy I went to the GP after 6 months since it’s taken another 6 to even get the results and trust me, it’s a long time to wait.

– Don’t listen to people. No really. If you want to seek help do, if you need to worry do, if you need to read up on everything do. Whatever makes you feel better. Listen to your gut, there will be good and bad days and you are the only one who can really know what will make you feel better.

– Talk about it. If you want. It has really helped me to be open about the one thing that is constantly on my mind but I know it’s very individual how you feel about sharing. We are still trying. We get our results in two weeks and we’ll see what the new year bring. If it’s ivf or something else I’ll take you on the journey every step of the way.

– Have fun. This is a tricky one when you get disappointed every month when the period comes, when you dream of something that won’t happen and when it feels like you are breaking when you see babies everywhere. But try. Joke about it, joke about the not very exciting baby making sex. Acknowledge that it sucks and maybe it feels a tiny bit better.

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