Hello Christmas

Happy December every one. As you can imagine im going full on Christmas. Like no brakes, all in Christmas. Or as George said ‘this really is your holiday’. Yeah, and sorry for being Christmazilla.

On Friday met up with Sanna and Peter in town for Hamilton. Hey favourite people.

We went for drinks at Found and then dinner at Cub. A 5 dish and drink tasting menu. And Sanna managed to last through the whole thing. Good skills!

We discussed their wedding this summer. Super excited! Cant wait to see those two heroes finally get married. And no doubts it will be very fun as well.

On Saturday morning opened my 4 (!!) advent calendars. Have i told you guys i have the best friends? Sanna and Peter gave me a dumle calendar.

And Jules a marshamallow one. With like a pro burner thing. Mmm s’mores. Thought i was going to burn the house down but we survived.

Of course George have some as well. Ive been trying to get him to love Christmas for the last 3 years. Bribing always work.

Chill time on the sofa with my favourites.

Sunday morning walkies. It was 15 degress out. I mean come on winter. I need some snow and cold.

And then finally. What we all have been waiting for. The Christmas tree shopping. We asked for a tall skinny one since we have the high ceilings but the tiniest room.

And btw, not sad about my strong man.

Yeah, tall and skinny. Its a whopping 7 feet tall. Just perfect.

YES!! Look at this beauty. With all the baubles i have picked up during the last 6 years. From all over the world.

All the gifts under the tree and the flat looking even cozier that normal.

Hello there Woolly. And the bauble i got from Katta in Richmond.

I do love all the baubles i have collected. From the NYC one from central park to the ravenscourt one with a squirrel. People also give me baubles, i have a pretty one from Natalia from Krakow in the tree.

And since it was the first of advent i lit the candle.

And put up my little lucia train that i got from mum and dad one year. Look how pretty the flowers are a week later. All that white fits so well with all my other knick knacks.

My crazy looking doggie in front of the tree. This is what bliss look likes to me.

Woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom and had to take a picture of this. Impossible to not be happy in december i think when you see this in the middle of the night.

Another hectic week coming up. Going to Paris for a conference tomorrow and then Lucia celebration with Katta and thursday. The weekend is kind of clear at the moment which im hoping to keep so. Would love an unplanned evening with some drinks and friends.

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