Paris and jackson pollock

Off to Paris today. We have a 2 day conference to set the vision and strategy for the company next year so it will be fun (ish). Will miss my Christmas home but ill becak on thursday for a Lucia date with Katta.

Ha, this is an awesome thing that i have running on my phone. Its called sweatcoins and its a krypto currency you collect by walking. Since i walk a lot i had collected enough to buy George this bracelet for free. Its worth £75. Love it when my walking actually pays off.

After dinner we grilled our marshmallow. They are big enough for George and me to share. But yesterday it was gingerbread and it literally tasted like liquid gingerbread. Might have been the best thing i have ever tasted. So i ate like 80%. #sorrynotsorry

Yes, this is a mega happy face. Julia said she got me this to help me feel happy until all the test results etc and it really does. Like who can be unhappy grilling a lil marshmallow every day.

Love you Jules. People like you is what friendship and love is made off.

And my Christmas bauble form Poland and Natalia.

Views. My man and the tree. George has pulled his back so needed to lay on the floor to survive.

This might be the happiest girl in the world opening up a Christmas tree. If life could always be like December with all the lights and stuff.

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