Paris all dressed up

I’m on a 2 day conference in Paris. This city is a beauty this time of year. France might not be my favourite country but they do do class with well…class. The city is all glittering with lights and Christmas decorations.

This is outside my hotel. Pretty Christmas tree.

Because I’m fancy I had another Paris dinner at my hotel room. And got laughed at by the cashier for buying so much food. I mean really, this is barely anything for a growing girl like me.

In the evening of the conference day we had a cooking competition. In Deezer aprons.

Our table of food.

Our team one even if we were by far the worst chefs. But we had the best business men on our team…

After dinner I walked home through Paris. Beautiful night with the Eiffel Tower lighting the sky up.

Yeah, yeah, you are a very pretty place.

Today eating some more food before heading back to London. Me and Katta have a Lucia date tonight so need to get back in time.

This has been one of my better trips to Paris, maybe there is a little bit of love in my heart for this city after all.

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