Friday with the best

Had a lovely night in with Katta last night. Exactly what I needed. I just don’t have much energy for socialising and party at the moment so conserving it for the ones that matter. I’m giving it my all at the Christmas party next week.

One of the weird things I noticed is that I loose words. Like acutely can’t remember specific words at times. Apparently that’s connected to stress so hoping to get that in order over Christmas so I stop coming across like a complete idiot at times.

Enjoying the little mini fire for our marshmallows

So Christmassy in my flat. Even skumtomtar in the candy bowl.

These two love each other. Who doesn’t want a woolly tongue in their eye?

Best Friday with my best. This whole weekend is unplanned. Loving it. I’m taking Woolly to the park, getting new hyacinths, buying a secret Santa gift and clearing up the study. That’s it folks. Then massive chill time.

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