Second advent on the sofa

Cant remember the last time i felt this unsocial and happy to just do nothing. Its like im hibernating myself out of everything that is going on. I mean, im always happy to stay in but at the moment im almost shying away from all interactions.

I think its a combination of being tired, loving my flat at the moment and being a little bit scared of questions from people. Im running out of excuses to why we are  not getting married yet that isnt yelling ‘we are waiting until we have a baby but its taking bloody forever’. People mean well, i know that, but its kind of hard anyway.

I am going to the Christmas party this week though. And to a danish Christmas celebration on Saturday. I even bought myself an actual Christmas dress. Yes, going all in. Hoping to contain my drunk, i know the team wants to have a big blow out and ive promised to be all in on the jagerbombs since ive missed almost every party this year including not drinking on the summer party since we had tests the day after.

Celebrating second of advent by myself when George was sleeping. Love these early mornings in a quiet flat drinking my cup of tea.

Then we took W to the park. Lovely weather. We ran into Moley and Tom and their little Finn and they invited us to come hang with them after new years  at her mums place in Ireland. We’ll see if we can make that happen.

Came home and George made awesome breakfast. Scrambled egg bagels. Yes please. Got the candles going for George even if he hates them candles.

Went for lunch with Stu and Emma. Stu is finally back and his plan is to go to Ireland and hope to get a job there and that way eventually be able to get a visa for him and Emma to be together. Wishing them all the luck and so lovely having him back in town.

And of course, the advent calendar. Then we watched a nightmare before Christmas.

For those of you that didnt know that my man is awesome he has also decided that we are watching a christmas movie every weekend before Christmas. To make me happy. We have watched the new one on Netflix – the Christmas chronicles, the Grinch and now A nightmare before Christmas.

I love that guy.

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