Dreams of warmer days

13 days to go. Not long now, not long at all. Back in Sweden in 10 days. I will eat all the saffron buns. Mum told me i had to bake the saffron buns this year…like every year for the last 10 years… Dont worry mum, the buns will be baked.

In this cold December lets look back at warmer days. Heres some lovely pictures from Danis wedding.


George and me capturing the bride to clearly describe something very interesting. And drinking margaritas…yum.


Yes, im talking and explaining again. Ha, and also pushing my stomach out. Even if i dont like dieting i am quite happy that to have lost some of that weight i put on during my very stressful summer.


Love my Dani. So happy i got to spend some time with her. I miss her every day in this city that have always felt like Danis to me.


Ha, the most George photo ever. And my boobs. Thats was a very revealing dress. Never wear that but George told me that if you have the boobs you have to show them and well, decided that yes, show off them knockers.


Look, i can listen too.


Love this photo of George. What a handsome man i have bagged.


Such a lovely wedding. Nothing better than celebrate your friends on their days. Next year we have Cormac in Dublin, Ben and Laura in Sydney and Sanna and Peter in Spain. Hands up to global friends.

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