Glad Lucia

Im currently sitting at work and watching Lucia from Sweden on my screen. Love modern times that makes it so much easier to be an expat. At times like this i really miss Sweden. But only a week left and im home.

On Sunday we finally have our appointment. Its been a long wait since October to get our results. Well, its been a long wait since June when i first went to the GP to start the investigation. Cross your fingers with us for some happy answers. That would be the best Christmas gift ever.

Yesterday i had the CS team over for a drinkstorming. We had so much to discuss that they ended up staying for an extra hour. Sorry… Hard fit to have everyone in my living room but with a drink and some cheese everything seems easy.

Cold out today. Zero and feels like minus. Cant say this out loud here in London but finally. Loving the cold.

The first proper frost of the year. Woolly was having a blast running around and playing with the frosty sticks. Giving me a bit of a run around as well. Cheers.

The sun peaking out among the trees. I dont mind the cold at all when its frosty and sunny like this.

This is my screen. Lucia, baubles and unicorns. Look at me adulting.

Dreading the hangover tomorrow after the Christmas party tonight but we have a McDonalds order for egg and sausage muffin tomorrow and everyone else will be in it with me which will hopefully make it easier. If i dont post tomorrow im still alive but dying and have zero capacity for writing.

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