Merry Christmas and all that jazz

Ok, ill keep going at the pictures. Im sorry for anyone who couldnt care less about never ending snow and family photos. Ill promise ill be back to my normal grey London life soon (I personally hate reading blogs about travels. Just make me jealous and they just talk about beaches and food.)

Christmas Eve morning. We stayed at my uncles house so when we woke up we trekked up to our house through a perfect Christmas landscape.

Hello little house.

I was happy getting my stocking. Mum try and say its the last time every year but i need my marzipan pig and book.

After lunch we went out for a walk. Love the matching outfits of the boys.

Can the world always look like this?

This is some serious -7 rosy cheeks. Love that George is the angry bulgarian in the shadows in the back. Lets just say he is not as keen on the outdoor as us swedes.

Me and baby bro being the coolest kids around.

Look at these guys trying. Lol.

Sun is kind of always low in the winter but it doesnt matter when it looks like this.

Taking some artsy pics because why not.

But its always amazing coming into the warmth after a cold day like this.

After Kalle Anka we got ready and headed up to the big house to help out with the cooking.

And then it was finally time for some serious Christmas time.

George looking good in his new blazer.

Lovely to have Sandra celebrating with us for the first time. Means they wont be here next year (bastards) but ill celebrate what i can get.

Me and papi. Love you. He looks like a little tiny leprechaun in this picture.

Nothing better than seeing the men in your life laughing together.

Santa rocking up even if there wasnt really any small kids this year. Well, Santa likes the big kids too.

However, there was no gifts at the big house so we headed up to our cottages for the the big Christmas reveal.

Hello there all the pretty gifts and lovely tree.

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