Hello there January

Here a little interlude to all the holiday pictures (and sorry but haven’t even gotten to Dublin yet so lots more to come :()

I’m in such January mood. Doing dry January to ease me into but mostly have an excuse for the non drinking in preparation for ivf. Even if I’m talking openly about it I don’t generally throw it into conversations leaving the old ‘why you not drinking’ question hanging.

George also needs to take it easy. Part of why they needed to discuss if we were eligible was on the fact of how much he drinks (work) and still haven’t quit smoking 100%. These are the things that has a huge impact in these cases. NHS has a zero tolerance to smoking and so must we.

Weirdly I kind of feel guilty reminding him that he needs to slow down and stop partying but we’ve been given this chance and I want us to have the best possibility of success. 6 months of taking it easy for a family can’t be that much of a sacrifice?

I’m not saying that he thinks it is, I’m just easing my conscience constantly reminding him to stay in, not come home late and not smoke. Not enjoying the party pooper role at all.

Also feeling poor after booking our Sydney trip in March so no crazy stuff going on. So happy we are going, when we mentioned to the doctor that we considered cancelling due to the ivf she said we should go. So here we are.

So, next step in this never ending journey is booking an appointment with the councelor to make sure we know what all of this means and for her to prepare us before we can book the first treatment.

Yeah, excited about shots and surgery!!

Me in bed at 9 last night on a Friday. I’m kind of resigning to boring life for a couple of months now.

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