Ma girls

After all the snow and food at the country house we headed up to Sthlm to catch up with friends and do some sale shopping. It was 98% friends and 2% shopping. Exactly as it should be. When you have the best friends in the world they win every time.

Met my girl at Eataly (see, i spelled it right Jules). Way too long since i saw her. Pizza and pasta, cant go wrong with that.

She my sister from the hood. Or, that is not true in any way. Shes posh Djursholm and im posh Ostermalm. We are like the least gangsta people out there. At least she has tattoos now. I have nothing to make me cool. Except for her.

After lunch we headed to Kix to meet her and her girl Etti. There is just something about seeing someone that has waded through shit for the last year smile again. Like truly smile with that magic twinkle in her eye. And everyone who has met Kix knows that few people are as much magic as she when she feels it.

On to our next stop. Dinner with ma girls. With pre eating at McDonalds. We are nothing if not used to late dinner and too many drinks so know whats needed.

Talking life.

Not even sure what is that small here but George looks happy about it.

Ha, Filippa clearly telling a very interesting story and all of us listening very carefully.

Then we went to newly opened restaurant Ciccios. Amazing place. Delicious food and you get to dance in the sofas. 10/10 in my book.

Hello there cuties.

George went up and ordered ‘some shit girlie shots’, the bartender heard ‘some shit shots’. And that we got. The most disgusting shit ive ever drank. Even worse than the ‘make stuff out of whats in the fridge’ shots we all used to do in our 20s.

Barely survived that.

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