Never ending snowy walks

Ok, sorry but want to run through the last of the pictures from Sweden and then Dublin. I know most if you go ‘wtf, we are like waaaayyy past that now’ but hey, ive got family reading this and they want to see.

Christmas day. Still snowy and icy and pretty. George finally getting his country side legs and becoming friends with the horses.


Ha, this aussie is never happier than when he gets to have a snowball fight.

Family walkies.

The others didnt have time but im always cool around the oknaskolan sign. Its just what it is.

George is not happy about all them long walks. Not only is it walking without purpose its also cold.

In the evening we dressed up and i wore the lovely dress i got from the Krastevs and my new earring. Felt like a million bucks.

Awkwars tree photo. A must.

My brother being an absolute sweetheart had brought a bottle of champagne so that we could celebrate our engagement. He is the best!! Showering us with love and making George feel welcome in his swedish family.

Not sure what they are looking so stern about since it was all happy times.

Me trying to explain something with the help of dad. Getting very heated.

Ha, this is SOOOO our family. Everyone being totally in the heat of the moment discussing something.

After dinner me and George went to bed and had a christmas snuggle in my new PJs. Very happy with my gifts this year, spoilt rotten.

Ha, family having a sausage stop at ica maxi. Its like the 50p sausages at ikea. Same price, same concept. And yes, you have to have one.

Late afternoon walk with mum.

The sky was a multitude of colours.

Always happy coming home to our little cottage.

Made George look pretty in braids. He loved it.

Then dad and me had a little sill and snaps starter to ourselves. Matching.

Haha, mid eating hotness.

After dinner we helped Hanna with the horses. George found a new bestie and got all smitten with this horse.

‘Bossa Nova, im going to love you forever’. Not sure she cared that much but she didnt say no to the extra hay.

And then we were done and dusted with country house and christmas. A really good one this year. Despite everything thats been going on i got to relax and just hang with family at the best place in the world.

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