Its funny how quickly you fall back into normal life when you are back from holidays. And, even if thats the uncoolest thing ever, how happy it makes me. I like my life (despite the complaining i sometimes do), i like my flat, i like my job and i love my little family.

So, happy to be back in London and George and me have made sure to book in a couple of things to make the non drinking, waiting time easier. Filippa and Vilma comes to London in a month and we have booked tickets to True West with Kit Harrington (my man) and Johnny Flynn (Georges boy) plus the little miss sunshine play. This weekend George is off to the leather workshop he got from me for Christmas and Katta and me are off to Richmond.

And yesterday it was the bookclub. Love seeing my babes once a month for some serious chats, good food and laughter.

Yesterday it was cold and sunny and i wore my hat from Bulgaria.

Its funny, there are certain clothes that men love. For no apparent reason. This hat is one of those. I had two seperate guys coming up to me on the street telling me how pretty i looked and i got more eyes than in a long time.

A certain type of pretty sundress in happy colours is another. And blouses.

This little fighter was a very brave one fighting the cold.

Its a tree graveyard everywhere. In London people just throw their christmas trees on the street once its over and then the council collects them. However, its like a mass grave for trees for a couple of weeks before they are all collected.

Kind of sad. But Woolly loves peeing on them so at least someone is happy.


This week we read Michelle Obamas Becoming. It was such a good read and we all loved it.

I think my main reasons for feeling so strongly about it was the combination of reading about the journey of a strong woman reaching her goals in a very male, white world and at the same time never losing sight of her humanity and kindness.

One thing that goes through the whole book is how she makes everyone a human of the same value, no matter who. From the queen of England complaining about high heeled shoes to the people working with them. I loved it, it gave me hope about the world and that one day the people in power will look at everyone that way.

Its also a very interesting book since it talks about our history. The first african american president. The diversity struggles. What it means to be a woman in a mans world.

Its a great book that i think everyone interested in modern history should read.

Ha, while talking serious politics and history there is always time for laugh and Linnea trying to kill a stubborn broccoli is never boring.

These girls! My life is like 100% better meeting up with smart women every month and one of the things i took with me from the book is Michelle speaking about how important it was for her to keep her female friends through all of the things going on in her life.

I feel her. My only new years promise (not a resolution, there is no resulotions this year.  Im chilling) is to be better with my friends. Talk more to them and see them as often as i can. Because i need them through all of this. And because they are all kinds of amazing.

She wrote very good about ivf. Not too sad or involved but still showing how hard it is. And she pointed out one of the things im struggling with, how much it ends up on the women and how lonely that can make you feel. That ultimately its me who have to talk to work, go into the hospital, take the medications, do the surgery and stay in london to be accessible for the hospital.

Its lonely.

My dessert. Couldnt stop myself. Its a cherry, meringue sundae. So, so good. When you are doing dry kan you can up on the sweets…

What a lovely evening with my girls. 2019, you are starting well.

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