Feeling smart

George and me went to see Aquaman yesterday. It was fun. Not necessarily a good movie but a fun one. And Jason Momoa is hawt! I was definitely drooling away a bit and panned couples outfit for Halloween for George and me. If he grows his hair it should be kind of perfect by then…

This month is shaping up to be quite busy. Dani is in town this weekend and toward the end of the month Kix is here. The awesome thing is that i feel filled with energy which is not always the case. Seeing Dani tonight and cant wait. When shit is going down in my life i want to hide. And fair enough, a part of me till do but i also want to do shit.

Ha, btw, you know how ive been collected avios to upgrade our trip to Sydney. Well, turns out we cant. So now i have shit loads of avios. If and when all of this ivf stuff i done ill take those and give George and me a trip somewhere. Just the two of us. We realised we can barely remember the last time we went anywhere just for us, not to see people or weddings or going home. Just blessed holidays without musts.

Had a very clever moment yesterday. Was considering how to get the buzz when not drinking and seriously spending a good 5 min on how to convert an espresso martini…well, its called an espresso 🙂

George cooked us dinner before the movie. The house now smell of sausage. Woolly is in heaven.

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