Seeing one of my absolute favourites

I had such a lovely night catching up with Dani last night. Havent seen her since the wedding and not spoken face to face for like two years. Long overdue. She is my hippie, unicorn, warrior princess soul mate. Everything in me that dreams of late night dancing, meeting new people, living in the biggest cities and never growing old i share with Dani. But also everything in me that loves people, that dreams, that want to talk about life late into the night and that laugh her ass off watching Bollywood movies.

And as always we are going through similar things at the moment. So we talked and talked and talked until the restaurant closed around us. And then we talked some more making her cab wait on the street.

Walking home my promise for this year of making more time for my friends felt in my heart like the best one i could ever make. They mean so much to me and seeing Dani reminded me of why some people will always sit in my heart.

I drank a delicious seedlip, applejuice and mint alcoholfree cocktail. Seedlip is non alcoholic spirits and definitely worh it when you want something tasty that isnt juice.

Dani however was all in on her oriental spy with all the booze in there. We ate at Southam Street. The food is absolutely delicious and it was pretty empty so we got all the service. Awesome.

Tonight quiet Friday times at home. Not unhappy about that!

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