Gift paradise

Im having a drinkstorming with my team today. And yes, i will break my dry jan for one day since i always think it feels a bit weird as a manager to get your team to drink and not you.

Its interesting trying to balance work with private life at the moment. Work just feels…insignificant. Its hard to care when my mind is constantly somewhere else. I dont think its affecting the team much since im here and available but i can tell i have no extra energy for anything.

Was about to cancel the drinkstorming. Until i realised that it means a lot to the team and they need it. So just strap in, have that drink and talk strategy. Im nothing if not good at just keep going.

Zero pics from yesterday so here is my Christmas gifts. Because why not.

Mum and dad gave me this amazing earring i dreamt of from Maria Nilsdotter. I love it. Cool and pretty. Like me đŸ™‚

They also gave me the PJ. That i might have lived in. Always wanted one of these old school ones and now im a proud owner of one. Top!

They also gave me cushion covers plus a pretty bracelet i use every day. From Jakob i got a super cozy scarf and from Sandra a very pretty tea strainer. Feel very lucky and spoilt. All things i dreamt of.

And from George i got this commisioned drawing of me asan elf warrior with my trusted side kick woolly by my side living in a massive book tree.

Yes, if im ever going to live as a comic book character that would be me. He also gave me a course to make smelly candles. Dream come true.

Feel all spoilt and happy and cared for by my family. They are the best. And the pretty dress all the way from Sydney. Plus my skeleton unicorn outfit from Kat. I mean come one, not sure i deserve it but happily take it anyway đŸ™‚

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