Drinkstorming and interior shit

I broke my dry january yesterday for a drinkstorming with the team. Valid since being the boss who get their team drunk seems…less legit. Feeling fresh today though. Probably because i went straight to bed coming home and slept for 10h šŸ™‚ Thats how you rock a hangover folks.

Tonight im seeing my ex colleague Sarah in town for dinner. I was planning on cancelling because tired and socially meh at the moment but a) she caught me slightly tipsy in confirming and b) my promise for the year of being better at seeing friends and socialising.

So here goes dinner in town and smart woman talks.

Marty in my team got me this kids lunch meal. He is educating me in weird british foods. This literally has mini ham, cheese and crackers in the same pack. It was not as bad as i thought. But not particularly good either. Still not convinced.

This is from the office vibe survey we do at work. All anonymous. Loving the feedback. Especially after feeling a bit shit about having less energy for work and the team at the moment.

Its all about cheering on the good stuff and giving yourself a break. And the drinkstorming yesterday went great and we came out with some constructive feedback as well as setting a roadmap for the next 6 months. That the team got to set themselves so now they kind of have to do it šŸ™‚

Then i got tipsy and started sending messages to George..

Came home to take some interior pictures. As you do.

The cleaner was there and the flat looked all fresh. Yes, that needed some pics. And these are the roses George gave me blooming and looking all pretty.

Yes, drunken pics of roses and shit is what you do when you are 36.

Our new pillow cases from mum and dad are the green ones. Look at our sofa looking all fresh again. Just dont smell the doggy blankets…

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