Stuck in my own head

You know that feeling when you get tired of yourself? I mean, not my body or anything. Im fab :). No, you get tired of your own brain and thinking/talking about the same things. Thats me right now. Im pretty bored with myself. My head is stuck in the same place and i can really only focus on one thing. And for better or worse, since ive told people about what we are going through they are being awesome and caring and asking but it means i get even more tired of myself.

I mean come on. How many times can you hear yourself talking about the same thing before you want to punsh yourself in the face 🙂

Tonight im heading to Katta. Lucky her, she gets to hang with me and my one track mind. Winner.

Woolly is being a little weirdo at the moment. He basically wants to sit on me, dont really say hi to George and barely eats. This was him all evening last night.

and this. As close as he can possibly get.

George was out with Miika from work so W and me watched anime and tried to stay out of my head. Teamwork.

Frozen London. It was freezing this morning when we got to the park and W was runnig around trying to not freeze his paws off.

Hey there lil monster.

Im spending my non drinking days with caring for my skin and using face oils and shit. Cant say i ever do much, my skin is pretty easy to manage, but when its this cold and grey even i need a little boost to not disappear in my own paleness.

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