Happy 3 years and the living the Kafka life

Happy 3 years + 1 day to George and me. Cant believe we’ve come this far my crazy, sweet bulgarian/aussie and me. But here we are. Being all serious and shit with our dog and our flat and our hope for a family.

To three amazing, lovely, fun and sometimes sad years. But more than anything, to my lovely fiance who i love more than anything and never doubt is the right person to stand by my side through thick and thin with a pickleback in hand.

Yesterday George came and picked me up at work dressed up in a suit and with lovely flowers. Got all giddy and flushed by this attention.

Love me some pretty flowers. And a pretty man. Jackpot.

Yes, happy face. I had monday clothes on and did not look as nice as George did at all. Felt a little bit bad but hey, i had the best view.

We went to Pho District down in Hammersmith. Lovely pho and decent cocktails.

All the starters on our sharing platter. Summer rolls are the best.

After an amazing dinner, decent talk (i mean, monday brains…) and a walk home with me happily twirling my flowers we got back to flat and mini hound.

Unwrapping my beauties

Then i planned to sell some old clothes and bits and bob since i never use it but dont want to just throw it away. Unfortunately for me im stupid and put the belts up as LV even of they YSL. Hope the buyer is as stupid as i am…

Since these are from my mum im not selling them unless i get a decent price for them but i have some other things in my wardrobe that i never use with less sentimental value. I sell my things at Veistaire collective since they help you value your things and send them out to the buyers.

Look at me not just buying stuff but actually making some money of my things.

Worked from home this morning and got the most Kafkaesque message from NHS calling to tell me i needed to call them to book my next appointment…

I mean, i was on the phone with them…and ive also tried to call like 3 times being told i need to wait until they call me.

But, i called again. One day we might even get an appointment.

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