Life on the internet

Here are some things that has either made me laugh, nod in agreement or just feel a bit sad over the last couple of weeks.

Me. Every day. I always had this dream of being a woman clad in white with perfectly tanned legs and no bruises.

My life couldnt be further from the truth.

Woolly. BFFs forever.

I mean, i know you have like -15 in Sweden but we actually had like -3 here for a night. Thats cold man.

Hahahahaha, this made me laugh way too much.

George every day i send him new pics of dogs i want to adopt. I know we cant right now but my heart for another little doggo to rescue.


My dream jumper. Couldnt find it anywhere though. Its my life…

Made me think of Sanna. This is what i believe she does with her life

Ha, no way im throwing away Woolly.

This, Is. So. George.

Sorry Woolly…

Nah, dont worry. Not even i would do that shit.

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