Celebrity visits

Im still not 100%. Yesterday i thought it was like a stress crash or something. I dont know. My body does weird things these days, but i woke up with a fever today as well so something is going on. My period is also lurking so hormones are glitching. Im glad there is less drinking and more eating planned for this weekend. We even have an afternoon tea at kensington palace planned for Sunday. Going all in british.

Anyways, Filippa and Vilma are coming today so no time to be poorly. Meetings, walking W, cleaning the flat, leaving clothes to charity and shopping. Feel like a stay at home mum. Im also putting more clothes up for sale and yesterday i cleared the bathroom. Look at me being all active. Flat still look like a thrift shop though. Always will.

Here they are. My goddaughter and one of my absolute best friends in the world. Cant be better than that.

Yesterdays extremely muddy walk. W is sitting next to me moaning right now since he wants to go out but need to do a meeting first. Then we are off to the land of mud again. Living the glam life.

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